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Not Without My Silhouette

Milan, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Tel Aviv, London – 330 days a year! Thomas Hampson as one of the greats in the world of opera and song knows just about every stage and concert hall on this planet.

For some time now, the singer has been accompanied by at least one pair of our Silhouette glasses on his travels – and in the limelight. ‘Of course I cannot wear glasses in an opera production, but my ‘performance Silhouette’ is with me at every recital’,  says the opera singer from the USA. His ‘performance Silhouette’ – as Hampson calls his glasses for the stage – are a frameless model because “glasses must not be allowed to mask or cover anything on stage, they must not slip and I need a large field of vision so I can see the conductor or pianist but also the audience”.

His passion is dedicated to singing and song. Hampson is convinced that singing as a communication tool has the power and ability to mediate between cultures. That is why the baritone established the Hampsong Foundation more than ten years ago.

For the singer, precision is not a luxury but a fact – and he means both the precision of his work and the precision fabrication of his glasses. Both are about nuances, a great love for details and a good appearance.

He often moves between the digital and analogue worlds in his work. The 60-year-old does rehearsals with the iPad but learns roles using a score. ‘While I love libraries, I have learned to highly value the practical aspects of the digital world. Excellent vision is essential for me in both worlds.’

Thomas Hampson regularly travels to Austria where he is seen in the streets of Vienna with his everyday Silhouette, and where he very much values the excellent service and unique advice.

Thomas Hampson’s future dream glasses? ‘Glasses that display the text.’

With that, he hurries off to the stage again.

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