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Buongiorno Minimalist Monday

Are you longing for a holiday but not looking forward to the usual summer crowds and strenuous tourist atmosphere? If so, accompany us this Minimalist Monday on an excursion to Apulia on the boot of Italy! Everything one can hope for during a typical Italian holiday awaits you here.

In ‘Puglia’ the world is still good: Nature is primal and beautiful. Dreamy all on its own, one olive tree lines up with the next and the typical Trulli buildings (found mostly in Alberobello) are reminiscent of long-forgotten worlds.

Nearly 800 kilometres of coastline offer relaxation and adventure, beckoning with bizarre cliffs as well as concealed beaches of fine sand – inviting you to immerse yourself, and anything but overcrowded!

Food tastes better than at home too. Surf and turf are on the menu, for example swordfish and wild boar. Delicious and truly a great pleasure.

Anyone who fails to find (holiday) bliss in Apulia is doing something wrong, since so much ease in one place is definitely a rarity. Pack your bags and don’t forget your sunglasses – the weather usually plays along until mid-October! Buon viaggio!

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