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5 Tips for the Perfect Selfie

‘First let me take a selfie!’ Yes, everyone is doing it. Taking self portraits with the smart phone is no breach of etiquette these days – but few have mastered the art of self-portrayal 100%. Glare on eyeglasses, an unlovely double chin or the wrong background can easily turn the supposedly cool snapshot into failure. But no worries: We have some valuable tips for you that make every selfie an absolute hit!

The proper light

Good lighting is a basic requirement for any photographer. Bothersome shadows can be detrimental and may easily add a few years.

Hint: Position yourself frontally to the light source or directly in front of it – that is the most flattering.

The good side:

Experiment with various angles to find your good side.

Hint: Turn your head slightly to the left or right, hold the camera slightly higher than head level and take the photo from above. This avoids flattening your contours and makes your eyes look larger.

No clichés please!

To make your selfies a great success, avoid poses that have long since become passé. The “duck face” for example has long since surpassed its zenith and now seems more than ridiculous. Also on the no-go list: Showing off your muscles, pretending to be asleep, camera angle diagonally from above (to present cleavage) and the peace sign.

Hint: Better to look natural and emphasise your good points, such as cheekbones with a nice rouge, a well-kept beard or eyes with great glasses.

The perfect filter

Time for the finish – keyword: Filter! There are plenty of options for optimising the selfie, you only have to choose the right filter for your current mood.

Hint: Black and white or sepia filters always make you look good.

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