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Great Team: Silhouette and Todd Snyder

It’s time for something special: Silhouette and eponymous menswear brand Todd Snyder reinvent the iconic Titan Minimal Art style. The limited edition sunglasses celebrated its launch at Snyder’s runway show, part of the inaugural Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week.

Based on Silhouette’s iconic rimless and lightweight Titan Minimal Art glasses, and specially developed to reflect Todd Snyder’s exceptional workmanship, military tailoring and New York edge,

This Limited Edition is an inspired interpretation of the classic aviator – a favourite of Snyder’s – made modern. It features Silhouette’s signature innovative rimless design, with lightweight frame and lenses that are sandblasted and then hand-tinted to achieve a full frame effect. Each pair is then finished off with a sleek top bar for an effortlessly stylish, understated look.

Snyder, ‘For Spring 2016, I was inspired by a trip to Capri and the casual elegance of the men on the island. In partnering with Silhouette, we employed their incredible technology, craftsmanship and materials to create a vintage inspired modern update to a classic frame not dissimilar to the frames worn by Matt Damon in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley.’ By customizing the look using tints and combining them with more transparent lenses, we achieved a unique design that truly reflects the fresh, contemporary spirit of the men’s wear collection.’

A total of 12 pairs – 8 sunglasses and 4 styles featuring lighter lenses – provide the finishing touch to Snyder’s Spring 2016 collection: astriking aesthetic statement, yet streamlined to allow the wearer’s personality to shine through. The Limited Edition embodies the universality of Silhouette’s celebrated, versatile and sophisticated Titan Minimal Art style while introducing its revolutionary rimless design to a younger and more fashion-forward demographic.

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