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The Art of Subtraction

‘I like to subtract, to simplify everything. In fact, the history of my artworks is based on going deeper and deeper in my paintings to make minimal those details that I think are in excess.’ That’s the vision of her art for Viviana Valla, a young Italian painter. She post-graduated at the Academy of Arts of Brera in Milan and she claims that her creative technique consists of two opposing processes: First she collects many material and symbolic elements on the canvas, then she thinks about them and blows those ones in excess away, so that the final painting discloses all her emotional intensity and, at the same time, it is made up of multiple essential layers.

The Amazement of Lightness

‘I constantly live the conflict between myself and the profession I chose, because for an artist it is not enough to create, you then need to have the courage to expose yourself and your art, let yourself be judged, and learn how to face new experiences.’

According to the young painter, in fact, lightness means being able to deal with extremely complex situations and face them with great tenacity. ’I try to live everyday life and events that come with simplicity, and I am amazed at my inner resources when I can handle unexpected difficulties. Let’s say that one of the things I enjoy most in life is being able to be surprised of myself.’
Even when she wore her Silhouette eyewear for the first time, Viviana was filled with wonder, finding lots of things in common with her creativity. ‘It was such a new experience for me when I wore my glasses for the first time. I was totally amazed. First of all, I am fond of their lightweight material that actually hides the incredible complexity of their production, because the designers have worked hard on them to find their essence. They have gone through several phases of work in which it was necessary to add and then to take away what was not necessary; just like I do in my creative job.’

Wearing a pair of glasses that don’t cover her face initially made her feel a bit confused, but then she realized how those glasses can really highlight her personality. ‘Nowadays, people are used to wearing masks. My eyewear really made me feel naked at the first, but since then I’ve realized that I really like them because they say more about me, and show me details of myself that I have never seen before and known to have up to now. But above all they force me to create a more intimate relationship with myself.’

Viviana Valla wears rimless Icon 7581/6060 lens shape 4365 – and she is a Face of Silhouette since April 2014

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