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The Flexibility of the Art Style

Simone Beck, aka Simone Mocenni Beck, is a very complete artist: He started as a musician and now he’s a painter, sculptor and writer. His innate flexibility pushed him to test and experience different art disciplines and the apparent harshness of his character in the creative process melts to give space to his poetic lightness that is part of his final work. ‘Eclecticism is something that I’ve always felt as part of my soul and that I consider a fortune. Since I was young, I have tried to test myself with different jobs. I went from worker, then printer and later photographer to realising the need to express myself as an artist.’

The Experimentation of Balance

According to Simone Mocenni, everyone can see in his different works that piece of his artistic soul they love to see. ‘I feel myself ‘flexibly’ and naturally belonging to all the art disciplines I have tested myself with because, through them and in different ways, I experience and find out more about me, by living that state of sublime lightness that belongs to the creative act.’
Even the most monumental of his paintings and sculptures spread all around the world, as well as his visionary works of literature, seem to hide the effort of the creative act to acquire an indeterminate lightness. Creating artistic works is never simple, and to Mocenni represents a condition that allows artists to get themselves in touch with the deepest levels of their soul. ‘We artists can express ourselves throughout our creativity process. In that moment, we acquire an almost spiritual lightness that makes up for all the difficulties we passed through. When you can create that sense of harmony to your final work, by choosing shapes and colours that combine with each other and even improve the environment in which the artwork has been placed, you feel really satisfied with all your effort. Then, the future of your artwork may not interest you. I think it is a bit the same philosophy that is behind these glasses I wear.’ Even in his Silhouette eyewear Simone Mocenni thus finds the same value: ‘The harmony of my eyewear tells reveals effort of people who have created it, having the goal of improving the quality of life of those who would wear it, without any questions about how many people would have had the courage to choose it.’

Simone Mocenni wears the rimless model Titan Minimal Art. The Icon 7581 color 6057 lens shape 5309 – and he is a Face of Silhouette from April 2014

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