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Italian Art

Chiara Canali is an Italian art critic and curator of art exhibits. She sets up unique artistic exhibition paths that can tell not only about the works but also the personality of the artists that made them. At the same time, she cares for the audience and creates the paths that move them in the story and in the artistic production of the exhibitor.

A ‘Silhouette’ artist, according to the Italian art critic, needs to be open to the dialogue with the society. The modern artists cannot pretend to experience the art world as the old artists used to do in the past, staying in their ivory tower to create their works waiting for someone to go find them. For Chiara, there are styles of art that express the value of lightness more than others. Two examples are urban or street art, which establishes a direct dialogue with people who walk down the street, as well as interactive art developed through the use of the electronic devices which can be created by the users themselves. ‘I think that participatory art, born in the 70s, today has been condensed in different formulas that allow the art works to be ‘lighter': works can be created by the artists and the user together.’
Chiara has been able to transfer this value when it came to create the eyewear she wears. ‘My Silhouettes have been co-constructed by people who have the stylistic and technical skills to make them and by me, who will wear them. The final result offers functional features and matches my very personal aesthetic. The same is true for art.’

Chiara Canali wears the rimless models Zenlight 7642 6070 and Icon 7581 6060, lens shape 4350
colour green degradé from Styling Kit – she’s part of the project Faces of Silhouette from April 2014

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