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Minimalist Monday

Satisfaction is the new wealth: Money alone does not bring happiness. Which is why we are giving you five simple tips to improve your life this Minimalist Monday – and: You do not have to spend a cent. Learn how simple, everyday things can enrich your day.

 Tip 1:

The perfect antidepressant: Take a walk every day. 10-30 minutes out in the fresh air is all it takes. Smile and enjoy leisure time outdoors on your walk.

 Tip 2:

Read a good book! Thriller, novel, science fiction – immerse yourself in foreign worlds and just put reality on mute for a while.

 Tip 3:

Clearing things out works wonders: Free your home, your car, your desk and your spirit from all those unnecessary things you don’t need.

 Tip 4:
Establish a morning ritual: Half a litre of water and a short workout plus a delicious wellness breakfast. The morning routine guarantees a good start to the day.

Tip 5:

Accept challenges! Nothing is more important than personal development. Break out of your comfort zone and dare to try things that seem foreign and difficult at first. As you will see, continuous further development brings happiness!

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