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Styling Coach for Men

Sometimes you really just want to relax. Enjoy a good book on your balcony in the evening after work, or simply stroll through the streets of your city. But please stay away from a homely shirt and jogging pants combo. Today you relax in style! With a few simple tips, we show you how to look stylish from eyeglasses to shoes even in relaxation mode!

Jacket & more:
When it gets a bit chilly in the evening, you reach for a jacket. A cardigan or pullover is a cool alternative in summer. Important: Pay attention to quality and a good fit! Absolutely trendy: The colour navy.

A good jeans shirt simply belongs in every wardrobe – for both men and women, by the way. The denim classic is a casual version of the business shirt. Styling: Wear it open and over the trousers – assuming you have a T-shirt on underneath.

The white shirt is an important basic element of the look for men – finding the perfect one is a challenge. Sometimes the sleeves are too long, sometimes too short. It may be cut too loose or the hemline is too short. The neckline (V or round is matter of style) also has to fit! Once you discover the perfect fit for you, getting several shirts is a good idea. The styling all-rounder works under V-neck sweaters, shirts, sports jackets…always.

Put the jeans away for the summer and reach for casual chinos instead! Not only are these cloth trousers soft and comfortable, they are also super stylish and modern!

Right now white sneakers always work! Also good: Slip-ons. They are the latest version of the popular sneaker hype, featuring an elegant appearance while still imparting sufficient “hip sportiness”. Trademarks of the new trend look: Thick, vulcanised soles and stretch inserts at the flaps.

The right glasses give your face character and perfectly complement the outfit. A full rim model like the SPX Illusion (shown in the photo) brings new casualness to your look. To avoid creating an excessively hard overall impression, it is best to choose a frame in brown or grey.

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