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Easy Living – Right?

Bartolomeo Corsini is a sociologist, expert in media studies and the director of the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Milan. He’s an eclectic man of learning who observes and studies the society in which we live.

According to the Italian sociologist, the only way to innovation for our contemporary society is the ‘responsible lightness’: it is the ability of living and moving into different cultural settings. ‘Living the naive attitude is not always easy because our society is actually the result of a conflict. On one hand we lived the industrialisation, when the mass media, such as the movie industry, allowed people to share ideas worldwide but it also standardised people’s thoughts. On the other hand, the following de-industrialisation let people cross the boundaries and buy intangible things, causing the dysfunctional effect of consumerism. The object has become the vehicle for values, but it doesn’t represent the personality of people who buy it, it just communicates the brands which produced it.’ People can preserve their awareness and authenticity only by having more responsibility, which to Corsini means to be light and flexible when it comes to dealing with changes, and also be responsible towards other people. Otherwise, we just live with superficiality. ‘Without easy value, people are serious and live strictly related to some cultural models, losing the flexibility that makes them able to understand reality in a more functional way. People can dominate the times they live only with the easy value and so do not become a victim due to the fear of losing what they cannot get back anymore.’

It`s Ironic

According to Bartolomeo Corsini, one of the most interesting and intrinsic components of the light style is irony: It allows turning your perspective around and creating the right mental attitude to call your ideas and yourself into question responsibly. ‘To develop this skill it is necessary to be good at communicating and understanding the situation you live in. It is also essential to tolerate your faults, your limits, and accept the diversity, in other words one’s own uniqueness. Do not play the game of envy, because it just encourages people to be who they aren’t or to live other people’s life.’ Corsini claims that our society needs new brave ideas that are able to generate renewing changes, also for the individual, and to give life to social initiatives that listen to people’s needs. Thanks to the latest technologies such as the Internet, it is possible to have bottom line communication and involve people to share and spread ideas.

Bartolomeo Corsini is wearing the rimless model Icon 7581 / 6060 - and he is a Face of Silhouette since April 2014.

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