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The Perfect Look for Green Eyes

Are you too a little bit jealous every time you meet someone with green eyes? That mysterious allure, that latent yet challenging radiance… We are more than taken with the rarest eye colour of all. But what is behind the striking cat eyes, and most of all, what is the best way to bring them out?

Green eyes: What colour glasses?

Because people with green eyes are said to be headstrong, personal taste matters most when it comes to the colour of glasses. A classic black frame would almost be too unoriginal. On the other hand, a tortoiseshell pattern is outstanding: The modern design reminiscent of the fur of a tortoiseshell cat is practically made for green cat eyes. Natural colours such as brown, orange or beige hues make the eye colour radiant as well. Those who prefer something more colourful choose earpieces in plum or rose hues.

Emphasising green eyes

Women can work miracles with the right make-up – especially with eye shadow, they take the wow look to the next level. Even if you are something of a greenhorn when it comes to painting your eyelids – the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Light smoky eyes make the world an adventure: Earth hues harmonise especially well with the green eye colour. Use brown or beige as the base colour and create accents with a shimmer of gold in the inside corner. A perfectly drawn eyelid line in dark brown completes the cat eye look. Meow!

You can tone things down a bit for your everyday style. A mauve colour and its hues like pink, plum or violet really bring out your look. Another great idea: a modern grey.

Men and women can also get the most out of their look with the right clothing. Only they should consider that a very flashy outfit is more of a distraction than emphasis. Better to employ highlights selectively, for example in the form of jewellery, a tie and accessories. Or choose a sophisticated top with plain trousers or a skirt.


  1. Warm autumn colours (such as orange, brown or rust) go perfectly with green eyes as well as mixed colours such as grey-green or brown-green.
  2. Gold is trump because silver looks too cold.
  3. Violet or apricot in various hues present green eyes in the proper light!

Good to know

Only 2% of the population has the beautiful iris colour – by comparison: Around 90% have brown eyes. A true rarity in other words, which simulates positive feelings in women as well as men. In Islam and Arab countries for example, green represents life and fertility. Green-eyed people are not only said to be very creative, passionate and bold, they also earn trust more readily – according to a study from Queensland.

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