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Minimalist Monday

There is something in the air. Not only the end of summer, but also the nice feeling of reflectiveness the wonderful autumn season brings with it. This Minimalist Monday, we are briefly putting the glasses aside, closing our eyes and enjoying the moment in a broader sense. Breathe in!

Smells Like Minimalist Monday

Pleasant smells improve your mood. If the natural fragrance of reflectiveness is not enough for you, we have an effective kick starter for you: The perfumed candle from Jo Malone instantly lifts your mood! Our high-light features a simple shape in clean white and give a room that very special touch. With a seductive grapefruit fragrance, our favourite candle gently refreshes the senses. Give late summer an added spark. The fresh, fruity fragrance awakens wonderful memories of the warm time of the year. So let your new favourite candle burn tomorrow, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and forever – and extend summer with sensual memories.

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