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Special Edition: Wes Gordon for Silhouette

‘I absolutely believe that great sunglasses amplify your true identity.’

- Wes Gordon -

What a great outlook: For the second special edition collection of exclusive sunglasses that are the work of international designers, Silhouette was able to work with Wes Gordon this time around. The fashion designer from New York shares Silhouette’s passion for premium craftsmanship, quality and innovations, making him an excellent choice.

Wes Gordon for Silhouette – the distinctive sunglasses are matchless in reflecting the vision of the two modern brands: Timeless, luxurious perfection paired with modern aesthetics and refinement. Wes Gordon reinterpreted the iconic Titan Minimal Art with circular lenses and fresh colours. It proves to be a truly innovative highlight, thanks to its two sanded levels and hand-painted contrast line.

Wes Gordon will present the limited special edition “Wes Gordon for Silhouette” at this year’s New York Fashion Week, and we already know: Wow moments are guaranteed!


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