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Italian Taste

What do cooking and travelling have in common? Exactly: They both give you an indescribable feeling of satisfaction – that special taste, the wonderful experiences and the unforgettable memories! Supreme experiences! The Italian food blogger Virginia Simoni understands this very well.
Virginia Simoni is an expert when it comes to creating unique experiences around cooking and travelling.

She discovered her love for cooking thanks to her passion for travelling and her encounters with other cultures, especially the Oriental cultures. She says, ‘During the six months I lived in Hong Kong every day was a real exploration of different tastes and smells. There different cultures and people mix and live together, making it like a kind of surreal Oriental New York.’ According to Virginia, cooking is not just about creating celebratory virtuoso masterpieces which are so fashionable nowadays; she sees it rather as being an art form that mixes the ingredients with balance and harmony, without spoiling their individual tastes. She believes, ‘every time you start cooking you can experience a form of art and creativity that touches you and everyone around you closely because it is much simpler than any other styles of expression. It is not only linked to what you see, but it involves your whole being. It cannot be interpreted; it is rather a direct experience.’

Easy Cooking and Living

Returning home from her experiences abroad, Virginia began to think that it was completely pointless to just keep all those memories and images of foods in her personal library; instead she wanted to create an online blog. ‘The blog was started above all as a game and then slowly it has become more and more famous and popular. I’m so fond of ragoût that it is also the name of my blog (Ragoût Food).’

Virginia is a great fan of good Italian cuisine and this is also shown in her blog. She does not restrict herself, however, to writing about pasta and pizzas. Little excursions into the food of other cultures add some variety to ‘Ragoût Food‘ and help to make it into an exquisite guide to good food.

Virginia Simoni really tempts our taste buds with lots of little surprises and she makes every dish into a unique journey of discovery. If you want to know more, find out for yourself at : www.ragoutfood.com

Virginia Simoni wears rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon 7581 – colour 6055, lens shape 4473 – and has been part of the Faces of Silhouette Community since July 2015


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