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Eyewear Advisory: Best for Business

The simple best for business formula: If you want to be successful, you have to appear successful. Professional competencies such as persuasiveness, technical expertise, professionalism, respectability, strategies and negotiating techniques can be supported by the right style. Big fashion means big business – at least in the figurative sense, since the styling of course must not be too flamboyant. Clothing is a means of communication and awareness of proper etiquette and style makes it possible to shine on the career ladder.

Bonus Points

You can crown your (executive) look with the right glasses. Assertiveness, style, creativity – it is worth thinking about which characteristics and strengths you want glasses to highlight and present. We reveal your personal business dress code and which eyeglass styling is the best match.

Career Kick with Style

Classic Dress Code
Especially in classic professions such as those of lawyer or consultant, you should forgo a lot of knick-knacks. Simple cuts, discreet colours and few or no patterns dominate your business wardrobe.

Classic Business Glasses
Reach for a rimless model that opens up your vision and makes your face appear friendly without dominating it. High-quality materials and simple designs lend respectability, objectivity and competence to your look.

For Example: Silhouette Hinge C2 for him and Silhouette Charming Diva for her.

Elegant Dress Code
For those who are not required to be quite as formal but nevertheless tidy, we have an elegant solution: Stay true to the straightforward cuts, but add exclusive highlights in the form of fancy shoes (for her) or a colourful tie (for him).

Elegant Business Glasses
With an elegant business outfit, you can forget about overly simple eyeglass models. Here the motto is: Discreet yes, inconspicuous no! Use glasses as an accessory and make your personal fashion statement. Our tip: Soft pastel hues or shimmering gold nuances with large lenses and full or half-rim designs.

For Example: Silhouette SPX Match for him and Silhouette TMA Icon for her.

Creative Dress Code
Blogger, designer or art director – the creative sector is always reinventing itself! Which is exactly why the creative business outfit should be truly eye-catching. The rule: Choose what you like!

Creative Business Glasses
Modern cat eye looks, cool John Lennon versions or flashy colours: If you work in the creative, you can wear just about anything. Reach for retro frames or glasses with full rims to highlight your individual look.

For Example: Silhouette Titan Contour for him and Urban Lite for her.

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