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Shape the Substance

Giuseppe Fontana is an illustrator, comic book artist and cartoonist. Even since he was a child, he’s been completely enamored of art and he’s dreamed about a career as comic stories illustrator. He studies at School of Art and starts working in advertising, but his main passion remains the comic art. He attends drawing and storytelling course for comics, also in Germany, and once he returns to Italy he’s admitted to the prestigious Walt Disney Comic Academy and his dream of making his passion a real job comes true.

According to Giuseppe, drawing characters for comic stories is like shaping the substance, giving a visual frame to the scriptwriter’s creativity. ‘When I draw a new character I imagine its personality all-round. First I define the subject’s personality and soul to make it as much eternal as possible. Then, I give it a physical appearance, shaping it consistently with the personality I’ve just created.’

Drawing and Inspiration

Telling about his creative process in art, Giuseppe Fontana says that first he needs to find the character’s soul and then he can start to draw it, drawing his inspiration also from real people. ‘To me it’s fundamental to be inspired by someone in the real world who looks like the character I draw: This creative procedure lets me add credibility to the character I am just sketching. Otherwise, I would create a faked and factitious subject, something or someone who pretends to be, instead of a character who is.’

Giuseppe always looks for credibility and truthfulness in his work, but he claims that also humor and the use of comicality define his style. ‘It sounds strange but I use also cheerfulness and humor to be credible. Smiling is the best attitude you can have to face up all kinds of situations. Maybe it’s because of my Neapolitan origin, but I like to say that I can live lightly, that I don’t have to be worried about what happens all the time, because something changes in better sooner or later. The most fitting definition I can give to the lightness value is to be and live with serenity.’

Giuseppe Fontana wears the rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon 7581/ 6062 with lenses shape 5226 tinted blue degradé – and he is a Face of Silhouette since April 2014


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