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Looking for New Perspectives

‘When I take a photo what drives me it is not the need to put myself at the service of the subject, but it is my inexhaustible and ‘healthy selfishness’ to tell stories. Then you can truly be altruistic.’ This is how Ivan Sarfatti, Italian photographer, describes his personal point of view on his profession. As a child he considered the lens of the camera the only tool to let him tell what he saw in the world but he could not express with words. With his photographic project, Esterni con vista, Sarfatti has carried an interesting study to investigate the relationship between architectural spaces and the voices and people that inhabit them. ‘One day I was in Milan, and while looking for a new perspective from which to portray the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, I looked up and I saw a small balcony. Then I realized that I could give that project a totally different dimension and meaning by exploring that environment from unusual points of view, giving the viewer different fields of exploration that otherwise he would not have been able to grasp.’

‘When people look at a photo they are enchanted by it only if the image can express the heart and feelings that the photographer has put in it.’ In last years, Ivan Sarfatti has decided to follow one of his greatest passions: the photojournalism, changing once again his artistic approach. ‘I decided to stop taking commercial photography to devote myself to my greatest passion: the photojournalism. As a photo reporter you can enter the places and people with a new perspective than you can do as a tourist photograph. The same places and the same people look totally different. Photojournalism gives you the opportunity, and at the same time a great responsibility, to remove the light shadow from the stories that you think is worth telling about. Moreover, photograph means writing with light, telling stories through the images.’

Ivan Sarfatti wears rimless frame TMA The Icon mod. 7581 6057 lens shape 7625 48 in color green degradé – and he is a Face of Silhouette from April 2014

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