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Minimalist Monday

Generation Y: Pulsating life is everywhere in a large metropolis and its diversity is unrivalled. Now the yuccies (young urban creatives) are adding a chic new facet to the urban lifestyle. Bye-bye hipster, in other words? Mashable author and long-time hipster David Infante at any rate has decided that the controversial fashion movement finally needs an update. So he created the yuccie – with the founder himself as the first member of a newly gained Zeitgeist.
What are the identifying features? The yuccie is young, educated, creative, career-minded and maintains a subtle, cultivated look: Delicate, round, frameless glasses, slim suits and white sneakers. Effortless casualness with the ultimate in style. And more chic than hip!

Hipster takes a break
The hipster movement originated in Brooklyn-Williamsburg, New York almost ten years ago and slowly but surely spread to Europe. London, Berlin, Paris, Vienna. Styling pioneers were found everywhere, following the trend of acting out the creative master in the art of living. Long beards, large glasses, flamboyant tattoos, tight jeans and a heart for a sustainable lifestyle: Save the world and look good doing it. Our consumer society tended to be regarded with a critical eye.
But the way it goes with any trend, a counter-trend soon developed.

Hello yuccie
A generation continues to develop and the hipster becomes the yuccie. The short form of ‘young urban creative’ is a modification of the term ‘yuppie’ (young urban professional) from the 80s: Young adults of the urban middle class or also young, career-driven metropolitan people. This description applies to the yuccie as the successor as well. Yet the new species of course is hipper, more original and sharper. The best features of the creative hipster phenomenon are paired with the traditional values of the classic yuppie. The result: Start-up founders, social media consultants, ad writers and Instagram experts – all of them with the passion to not only realise their dreams but profit financially from that as well. To become rich while celebrating creative independence.

The new style
The yuccie has a particular look: The outfits are softer, more elegant and reputable compared to the typical hipster. According to generation Y followers such as David Infante, the fashion features focus on a more discreet statement. What the yuccie wears:

  • Delicate round or frameless glasses that are more reminiscent of John Lennon than Woody Allen. (Silhouette tip: Titan Contour or Titan Minimal Art)
  • No beard, or only a short and well groomed one like a gentleman.
  • Trends, but not too hip, preferring casual and relaxed. The yuccie does not want you to notice how much thought went into the outfit. Everything is effortless. The in look: White sneakers or slippers with slim-cut suit pants and a shirt.


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