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New in View with WesGordonxSilhouette

He has already achieved wonders bringing the stylish silhouettes of icons Michelle Obama, Miranda Kerr etc. to life. And now he is working his magic for Silhouette! Wes Gordon, celebrated star of the New York design world, has been collaborating with the Austrian eyewear specialists in Linz to bring something highly unusual to the forefront. ‘Wes Gordon for Silhouette’ – this Special Edition impresses all with an extraordinary pair of sunglasses.

We asked the 29-year-old American designer for an interview:


Wes, in one of your most recent interviews you stated: ‘It’s becoming really clear who we are as a company, and who I am as a designer.’ Who are you, how would you describe your mission and vision?
Our mission as a brand is to harness the transformative power of fashion and provide women with effortless sophistication. I’m continuously drawn to an aesthetic that conveys romance and luxury in a modern way, with an element of youthful elegance.

What is important to become successful as a designer in the 21st century?
Succeeding as a designer today requires perseverance, focus and clarity of vision – as well as a deep and truthful understanding of your client’s lifestyle, needs and wants.

When do you know if a collection is successful or not? What is more important: immediate reactions on the runway performance or the commercial success?
To me, the mark of a successful collection is how I feel about it a few months after the show, when the dust has settled. During the process of designing it, I spend so much time with the garments – creating them in the studio, presenting them in the show, taking them to market, selling them at trunk shows, sharing them with the press, and so on. If at the end of all that I can still look at a collection and think it’s gorgeous, I know it’s successful, and I am satisfied.

How do you know how to determine the trends for the season?
I constantly find myself paying attention to what people around me are doing, wearing and saying, whether it’s close friends, artists, musicians or even strangers walking down the street. Often, my inspiration for the season comes from taking that awareness and combining it with things that I personally love and feel excited about.

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