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Face of Silhouette: Barbara Postir

Barbara Postir works as style coordinator of showroom. She has always tried to experience different things in her life, putting herself into the test with experiences she has never done before. Barbara went to live alone when she was very young, she went to the Red Sea and took four diving licenses, just for the pleasure to test herself. And last but not least, she’s decided to start a course of counseling without having taken into consideration before the idea of helping others.

According to Barbara Postir, being consistent with yourself does not mean remaining always the same, but it means changing by taking responsibility for your own choices instead, showing up different points of view that are not always necessarily shared with those ones of others. ‘Only this way you can do things that at first seemed insurmountable, because they have not been realized so far, but which, thanks to the lightness of the action, will easily melt like snow in the sun. It has always been very light for me to start doing something that I had never think about before.’

To Barbara Postir, in our modern society everything is left to the other’s opinion. There is a weak awareness of our intimate needs. ‘The choices we make, even the ones that deal with our intimate characteristics, are often delegated to someone else: People we give arbitrary authority as they are expert in style and aesthetics for us more than we can be. By doing so we devalue our ability to choose something that is consistent with what we are, something that does not necessarily correspond the other people’s taste or with trends.’

Choosing her pair of Silhouette, Barbara wants eyewear that does not follow any trends but that would combine aesthetics, comfort and that is really consistent with her own style. ‘There’s no aesthetic if there’s not comfort. I do not like when people just notice what I wear because it means that there is something recognizable as the latest fashion at that time. I love instead when someone recognizes what I wear as part of my style, like when I wear my glasses. That’s the difference.’

Barbara Postir wears Titan Dynamics 7719 6056, in tinted grey degradé – she is Faces of Silhouette from September 2014.

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