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Minimalist Monday

Back to basics: White, simple cut, great feeling. Reach for it when you are in a bad mood and slip into something familiar. Wear it when you are happy to feel even more radiant – the white T-shirt, a blessing for your style and temper!

Why have we fallen for this classic? Because is is reassuringly discreet and offers endless optimisation potential. An all-rounder and a combination talent. With jeans, a blazer, sports jacket, dress, culottes, chinos…the clean white T-shirt is always a good fit. It plays well with any style.
The relaxed everyday uniform plays into people’s hands as creatures of habit since familiarity means security. Adding an individual touch is up to each of us.
But weren’t the best-dressed icons of our time known for they uncompromising look? What would James Dean be without his leather jacket and basic white shirt, or Jean Seberg without the striped sweater? Just think of Audrey Hepburn who made the little black dress a big hit. Or was it the other way around?
So why not make your favourite basic your signature look? Then you are free to run riot with accessories – your glasses for example.

How to find the perfect white shirt? Just follow these five simple rules:

Rule number 1: The slimmer you are, the looser the shirt and vice versa. A tighter shirt is simply more flattering on women with a bigger chest for example, because it brings our the curves. Men who tend to be slimmer can easily appear a bit more muscular with a looser shirt.

Rule number 2: Quality before quantity! It is better to invest in high-end fabrics and have a manageable number of T-shirts in your wardrobe – numerous models of lesser quality will not make you happy. You will notice the quality difference after the very first wash.

Rule number 3: Not too short: The T-shirt should reach past the trouser waistband. Special belly tops are available for that look.

Rule number 4: The perfect sleeve length: A hand’s breadth above the elbows is ideal for men. Women are free to diversify, but shorter is more trendy – especially with a rolled hem.

Rule number 5: V-neck or round? The neckline is purely a matter of taste, only it should not be cut too low.

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