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Minimalist Monday

Just enjoy! This idea is especially enticing on Minimalist Monday (the weekend remains far away…). Honestly: The sound of the alarm on Monday morning is not the nicest thing in the world. How great it would be to just skip work and take the rest of your vacation (surely there is the odd day or two left over at the end of the year). To stay in bed while everyone else has to get up early. To stay at home while everyone else is rushing to the office. To hang loose while others exert themselves… After all, the small things in life are what makes you happy. So go ahead, indulge yourself a bit and enjoy your well-deserved Cosy Monday with our little to-do list.

1. Pyjama party: Get up, brush your teeth, stay in your pyjamas – fun and reminds you of childhood. Put on a pair of warm slippers and find something good to read, such as our Silhouette Journal: Now you are ready for the perfect Cosy-Monday feeling.

2. Healthy eating: Try an acai bowl for breakfast. The food trend from Brazil that everyone is talking about is not only super healthy but also really delicious. The star of the morning vitamin bomb similar to muesli is the puréed acai berry. Served in a bowl, the purée is refined for example with sliced fruit and a bit of honey.

3. Make room: We all have things in our wardrobe that feel like we haven’t worn them for a hundred years. Excuses like ‘in summer when I’m tanned’ or ‘perhaps it’ll come back into fashion’ have given these dresses, pants, shoes and so on a period of grace time and time again. Be ruthless and get it done: If you haven’t worn something for more than a year, you are unlikely to do so in the future. Get rid of it!

4. Online shopping: Once you have made room in your wardrobe, you are free to browse for new favourites. Or for Christmas presents – oh yes, how about that… With plenty of time on your hands, you are sure to get the best deals. From the comfort of your couch.

5. Hobbies: Reading, drawing, singing, dancing – anything! Whatever you enjoy that makes you unique, you can easily do it at home. Read undisturbed without interruptions. Draw creatively without stress. Sing out loud without anyone listening. Dance as wildly as you want.

Happy Cosy Monday!

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