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Music Lover

Nazzareno Brischetto is a young jazz trumpeter and the son of a famous Italian opera singer, who introduced her child to music when he was very young. When it came to choosing a musical instrument to play, Nazzareno was attracted by the brightness of the trumpet. ‘Although I had doubts, I was immediately fascinated by the trumpet because it sparkles. I think I chose it not because of the sound it made, but because it shone. Perhaps I thought it was a way to make me be seen more than others.’

Sounds like Freedom

For the young jazz musician, the relationship between music and freedom expresses the ability not to play too serious music that weighs it down. ‘In music there are several dogmas, rules and stereotypes due to the writing of music, while I think that music needs to reflect the freedom of execution, the ability to interpret and improvise. Obviously in jazz, which is the style that I have chosen, this concept is at its highest expression. However I think the subtraction and freedom should be applied to other styles, just to make sure that everyone can enjoy the music freely.’

‘The glasses I wear help me to feel free. My eyewear is so essential that it needs no explanation and allows me to create a visual relationship with other people which is stronger and freer because it does not need any words. Everything is based on people’s view. I like the apparent inconsistency between my glasses, which seem invisible, and my need to be seen, which, as I explained earlier, led me to choose the trumpet to express myself. My Silhouette is so minimal, without encumbrances of style, that it allows me to be seen exactly for who I am.’

Nazzareno Brischetto wears rimless Icon 7581 6057 Shape 4261 51 Lens colour grey degradé 10% – he is part of Faces of Silhouette from April 2014.

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