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The Style of Storytelling

Anja Tufina is a young and determined style-blogger of Balkan origins. When she was just a child she decided to go to a boarding school to be autonomous, and when she was eighteen she moved to Italy as she was admitted to the Bocconi University for an English course in economics.
Her first work experience was as investment banker but her awareness of her surroundings and desire to experiment and test different lifestyles, led her away from that world. In fact, in 2011 Anja created a blog, thedollsfactory.com, thus testing herself into a totally new way. ‘In my blog I write about aesthetics, style, beauty and lifestyle. I never had an editorial plan: I tell stories and if there is content to be delivered, like an outfit, it has to be integrated into my day and style. Even the locations are important, as they add value to the storytelling: An object in front of a white sheet does not tell you anything. I think everything has its own history to tell when it is set against carefully chosen surroundings. The most important thing is not the dress you wear, but how you are wearing that dress. Each object’s story needs to be told while it is in action.’
At first Anja’s blog was meant to be a social platform to explore her experiences, but soon it became more and more a job opportunity. In her blog Anja experiences and creates a context full of meaning around the objects that the companies give her to convey, remaining true to her personality. ‘It’s a process that requires a great effort both for me and both for the companies that I ask me to display their product, because I have to be able to tell how that object will fit into my blog philosophy.’

It`s All in the Details

When it came to create her custom-made eyewear, Anja Tufina totally trusted the opinion of the Silhouette eyewear style consultant. ‘My eyewear has been a discovery, first of all thanks to style consultant’s analysis, a sort of ‘session with the psychologist’. I didn’t think you could tell so much about a person through their eyewear. By choosing the shape of the lenses or the colour of the temples, they have been highlighted elements of my past and of my character. I’ve chosen a colour for the temples that can draw people’s attention to me and I’ve opted for a cool red. I think that this little detail of colour, in a pair of glasses that does not hide the real me thanks to their transparency and minimalism, was a good compromise that would allow me to be easily noticed.’

Anja Tufina wears the rimless model Signia color 6057 lens shape 4359 – and she’s a Face of Silhouette from November 2014

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