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Eyewear Advisory: Eyewear Resolutions for 2016

The motivation for putting resolutions into practice is high at the turn of the year. What are you looking forward to? We are talking about small goals too: Better care for your glasses, protecting your eyes, new eyewear that brings your personality to bear even more effectively… Step by step to success: A great perspective for 2016.

Resolution 1: Know your strength
When is the last time you had your dioptre values checked? Did they get better or worse? Only if you know how good your vision is and wear the right glasses can you look ahead and do something good for your eyes.

Resolution 2: Be stylish
Being satisfied, not just playing the part: Find the eyeglass model that really fits you. Treat yourself to a professional style consultation in 2016 (offered by almost any optician) or take our style test here: http://silhouette.com/us/en/style/styletest Worth it!

Resolution 3: Do good
Not to be underestimated: Proper eyeglass care! Improper cleaning (for example with a tissue) causes the surface layers to become scratched relatively quickly. Microscopic grooves form, impairing your view. Do something good for your glasses by cleaning them only with a microfibre cloth – in three simple steps:

  1. Blow on both sides of the glasses to remove coarse dust particles.
  2. Rinse both sides briefly with lukewarm water and let them drip off.
  3. Carefully rub dry with a microfibre cloth.

Resolution 4: Take time off
Smart phone, TV, PC – digital life is hard on our organs of vision. Tired eyelids, dry eyes and sometimes the resulting headache. Give yourself a break and look at something other than the television, mobile phone or other screen.

Resolution 5: Collect extra points
Have you ever tried eye exercises? Small exercises improve your vision and help with (eye) relaxation. (Link to blog post: eye exercises)

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