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The Innovation of Style

‘I feel like a woman constantly projecting, and thus looking for herself. I can’t stop thinking about learning, seeing and doing new things.’ Innovative, curious and ladylike, Gaia Gasparetto is a young community manager. Her endless desire for new experiences and for changes always makes her feel as if she’s not made it yet. ‘Working on the Web, I have to keep an eye on the future, because Internet means avant-garde and innovation. I need to be constantly updated, looking for new sources of inspiration to make my communication style always innovative. And when I realize I am short of new ideas, I usually leave for a few days to be inspired again.’

As a community manager, Gaia manages web sites and public profiles for her clients, even though for her it’s not just a matter of delivering contents on the Web; every time she is about to start a new work she feels like she is writing a new story about the lives of people she works for. “For work I never deal with people’s personal lives, but just with their public profiles. My role is to adapt and spread efficiently on the Web the contents and information I get from my clients, to help them meet their communication goals. But I like to say that I actually frame their stories in a new way, giving them new undertones and traits.”

To be innovative you need to look for new ideas that can draw your inspiration constantly. ‘I think that the key to create innovation and make changes is essentially the human desire of looking ahead for new things.’ Here’s what innovation stands for Gaia Gasparetto, who claims that this is what has moved her to create a new blog with two friends themed on the issue of the lack of job for young generations in Italy. The blog is an innovative project where she expresses her vitality and energy, telling also her own experience and how she can always be so full of energy. ‘My vitality comes from the life itself, that for me is always a great source of inspiration and enrichment for my creativity.’

According to Gaia, glasses are like the Web in a way: always in evolution. As she usually does with the stories she promotes, they should not interfere but highlight your best qualities. ‘I’m a chameleonic person, just like my glasses, I adapt myself to the place I am, and the crystals on my glasses’ temples tell about my dynamic womanliness.’

Gaia Gasparetto wears the rimless model Sparkling Icon 6757/ 6052 lens shape 4361 – and she is a Face of Silhouette since April 2014

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