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Minimalist Monday

Minimalist Monday and the countdown is running: Only a few days left until the exciting festive season! Just like every year, Christmas is once again coming sooner than expected. And so is the big question: Do you have all the gifts for your loved ones, or are you still looking for a bright idea for your partner, parents, friends or others? No need to panic – we have five gift ideas guaranteed to make everyone happy.

1. Finding a gift for your partner – that is what many rack their brains about the most. Believe us when we say that the simplest ideas are often the best. How about a nice, high-end wallet. Buying one for yourself is often put off: ‘My old one is still good enough!’ (although badly worn). A classic gift sure to be appreciated, in other words!

2. There is one in every group of friends: always late for everything. Why is that? Unfortunately the person usually does not know the answer either. Our advice: Rather than putting up with that, help them get back on track. For example with a stylish watch – timeless and always up to date!

3. As soon as the temperature drops, many people become downright tea sommeliers. A premium matcha set (consisting of a tea bowl, tea whisk, a can of matcha powder and a bamboo spoon) is a highlight for every tea fanatic. The trendy green tea is not only supposed to wake you up, it is also said to be healthy. This is because matcha is not a steeped tea, but a green tea leaf extract. The concentration of beneficial ingredients is many times higher compared to conventional green tea varieties. Happy healthy Christmas!

4. For more togetherness in the kitchen: Give your parents the gift of an amazing cooking course. Cooking together spices up everyday life and makes the heart (of gourmets) beat faster.

5. To keep a clear perspective of the recipient, reward yourself with a great pair of new glasses for Christmas. The ‘Caresse‘ collection is highly refined. On the other hand, the ‘Light Attraction’ collection is more reserved.

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