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The Innovation of Style

Beatrice Marchi is a young multimedia artist. She studied at the Academy of Arts of Brera in Milan and she attended classes at the HFBK of Dresden and at NYU in New York.
Since she was a child, Beatrice has loved to dress-up her friends for her playful shows. And so the artist’s childhood passion became a real profession, where the study of the identity, particularly the young women’s one, is the heart of her artistic research, through the use of different media languages, from video to music, from photo to painting. Regarding her creative approach, Beatrice says ‘My research is aimed at creating new points of view for everything that is commonly called ‘frivolous’. What fascinates me is the seemingly superficial dimension of the everyday relationships that I try to translate into my works, in order to value through its deep beauty and spontaneity what people think is human silliness.’ People who seem to be frivolous, according to Beatrice, actually hide a deep intelligence, and the ability to lighten everything, including themselves, and know how to have fun with irony.

The Game of Identity

The key attribute in Beatrice Marchi’s creative works is often the playful approach she has with the reality, more evident in her most recent work, ‘Jackie and Vicky in Winds’: an original audio track in which she mixes the voices of two teenagers with a music soundtrack she has digitally composed drawing inspiration from their world. ‘It was an amazing project, because I gave the two girls the possibility to play with their identities in a time of their lives where girls usually try hard to feel adult, giving them also the chance to act and pretend to be someone else. That possibility to experiment, to face new emotions, according to me, turned into the ability to play with your own identity.’

But according to Beatrice it is also necessary to keep in mind that we are dealing with fiction, and we need to frame the game world to preserve our own awareness of the reality. ‘When you wear a mask it needs to be clear that you are playing at being someone else. And it can be fun. The problems come when people mix their identity with the disguise: At that stage the game is over and people risk losing their own identities into the game. Being authentic doesn’t mean to avoid the playful side of life, but it deals with being absolutely aware that you are just playing a game, a role.’

Even the Silhouette glasses that Beatrice wears reflects her philosophy. ‘When I intentionally ‘try’ to do something in a certain way, I perfectly know that I am going to alter my naturalness and spontaneity, then I become something different than I am. Even the glasses I wear are an aware disguise, just like me. They are unconventional due to the fact that they are so minimal that sometime they seem not to be there. A non-mask that is daily with me, matching my personality. They are fun and cool as I am, thanks to the thin butterfly shape that I wanted for the lenses, but they don’t hide my eyes behind their shape, because of their simple design.’

Beatrice Marchi wears Titan Minimal Art. The Icon color 6051, lens shape 4369 – and is a Faces of Silhouette from April 2014.

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