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The Taste of Fluency

Francesca Alberoni has a former experience as editor for fashion magazines, then charmed by photography she decides to start off with food design. She has been creating for 30 years ‘The tasty image for many products’ coming from the most important food companies in Italy and in the World. When she was a young woman, she dreamed to be a sociologist to follow in her fathers’ footsteps, the famous Italian sociologist Francesco Alberoni, but soon she realized that her creative and artistic skills would bring her towards a different career. Francesca has worked with perseverance to achieve her goals and she has become the number one in her job.

The picture of the food I create always needs to be appropriate and to perfectly belong to the background I have made it for. Thus, the picture needs to aim to the esthetic elegance, to the perfect balance between the different elements it is made up of, in order to be finally attractive and appetizing for the viewer. My job is none other that creating a course to make it appetizing universally.’

My Glasses Make Me Smile

The Italian food stylist finds also many analogies between the food images she creates for advertising and television and the pair of glasses she wears. She says that she perfectly wears her Silhouette glasses because there’s harmony between the various elements they are made up of and, at the same time, the glasses can create an esthetic balance in the person who wears them. ‘They are a pair of glasses extremely elegant in terms of style, that don’t mask you. It can sound as a prosaic statement but my greatest discovery was when I realized that many people keep using their eyewear to hide themselves behind their rimmed glasses. The truth to me is that everyone has their own face, different features, and the most beautiful thing should be to show them off, let the World to see them. I feel more beautiful when I wear my Silhouettes, because my glasses make me smile and that can make me feel comfortable and above all myself, without any forgery. It’s transparent, sincere and spontaneously elegant because it is very light. It’s me if I were an accessory, or at least what I’d aim to be’.

Francesca Alberoni wears the rimless model Titan Minimal Art – The Icon 7581 6052 with lenses shape 7580 48 – and she is a Face of Silhouette since April 2014.

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