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Minimalist Monday

The renowned colour institute Pantone has chosen the colours of the year and is dipping 2016 in ’13-1520 Rosé Quartz’ and ’15-3919 Serenity’. What do those sober numbers conceal? A delicate light pink and a velvety light blue. The soft, almost minimalist pastel hues are in sharp contrast to last year’s winner ‘Marsala’ (a deep, dark red). This 180° colour turnabout is explained on the Pantone website as follows: ‘As more and more consumers are seeking mindfulness and relaxation as a counter-pole to the stress of modern life, colours that psychologically address our longing for peace and security are coming to the foreground.’

The 2016 colours of the year therefore offer a perfect balance between peace (Rosé Quartz) and composure (Serenity). Here the colour gradient in the transition between pink and blue is intended to make a statement in terms of gender equality.

Pantone 2016: Viewed fashionably

The leading designers (such as Hervé Léger and Richard James) have already proven in their spring collections that the colours also work very well in fashion. Elegant dresses in delicate rosé and suits with a slim cut in baby blue are fashionable in 2016.

You can also maintain your perspective in 2016 with the trend colour in your face in the form of glasses! Rosé Quartz or Serenity? Pick one – or even take both. Then you can show off both of the trendy Pantone hues ( see above in our gallery).


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