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Minimalist Monday

Precisely expressing herself and saying a lot with a little. Munich jewellery designer Saskia Diez accomplishes this with her creations time and time again. The bangle from the “Sling” collection is a prime example. Reduced in its form but with a powerful presence, two mountain crystal spheres encompass the wrist. Their transparency makes them appear light. The two round elements are joined by a narrow sterling silver arc polished to a high gloss. The result is clear for all the world to see: Uncomplicated contrasts are even more appealing.

Our expressive Titan Accent appears on the Minimalist Monday stage with this purist principle as well. With its clear lines, frameless lenses and decorative prints, it appears clean and subtly fresh – like Saskia Diez’s crystal spheres. A smart, lively contrast is formed by the combination with the discreetly patterned earpieces made of titanium and SPX, a high-tech plastic.

Clean design, cool statement: Two outstanding examples for the beauty of simplicity that complement each other marvellously.

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