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  • Gemini: TMA Pulse
  • Nerdy: Urban Lite
  • Patterned Earpiece: Titan Accent
  • Colour Gradient: SPX Illusion
  • Rosé: Urban Lite
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Eyewear Trends: Top 5 for 2016

Looking for a new perspective? Check out the six hottest eyewear trends of the year. Radiant, retro, rosé – they are well worth a look!

Brilliant Highlights

Bright-coloured frames are in this year. But if you find a frame that is blazing all over too loud, go with neon details seen here on the TMA Pulse. They add a subtle, fresh kick to your glasses and brighten up your complexion.


Trendy creations like the Urban Lite reflect a retro feeling. Large and angular in the horn-rimmed look, they lend a smart appearance to the wearer reminiscent of the highly popular seventies.

Patterned Earpiece

Earpieces on glasses are currently gaining attention. For instance with discreet prints like those seen on our Titan Accent. A great view: Frameless glasses really bring out the earpieces.

Colour gradient

Two-tone frames are popular again in 2016, especially in the trendy dip-dye version. Here the eyeglass frames look as though they were half dipped in paint. The transition from one shade to another can be flowing or really striking as seen on the SPX Illusion.


Delicate pink and nude hues discreetly colour the frame, transforming even the simplest eyeglasses into the accessory of the hour. Not to mention that the Pantone colour institute declared ‘Rose Quartz’ a 2016 colour of the year. Our recommendation: the Urban Lite collection.

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