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Minimalist Monday

Sometimes it takes very little to be happy: Especially in springtime when the sun is shining: an interesting book, delicious food or a brief talk with friends is all you need to make you feel good. Music is also guaranteed to improve your mood. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle was convinced: ‘It is the nature of music to give joy.’

To make sure your new week starts off on a joyous note, we tuned in to the right sound this Minimalist Monday. Even on the go: Solo2 Wireless from Beats by Dre cordless headphones make it possible, accompanying us with our favourite songs at every step. The fine-tuned acoustics provide clear sound. You might get the urge to dance? No problem. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the headphones adapt individually to every movement and the ear cups do not slip. With Bluetooth and the integrated microphone, you can even use the headphones for hands-free telephone calls.

The Solo2 Wireless is not only for the ears but also a feast for the eyes. With no visible screws and the stylishly curved housing, these robust and folding headphones appeal through the purity of their aesthetics – making them a perfect match for Titan Minimal Art – The Icon sunglasses. They too have no visible screws or hinges. Yet the TMA not only appeals with its reduced design, it is also lightweight and feels very good on the skin. Thanks to high-tech titanium, the legendary Silhouette icon is marvellously flexible and comfortable under the headphones as you listen to music. We like hearing that!
Gild your Minimalist Monday or your entire spring with this combination.

Headphone price: EUR 299.95

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