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Feel the Pulse with Paula Goldstein

Paula Goldstein is founder of the online platform Purple, editor of the website Voyage d’Etudes and underlines her personality and lifestyle with our Titan Minimal Art PULSE. She is always one step ahead of the present, ‘in order to feel the trends, moods and developments of the future, and bring them into the now.’ But how does she do this? ‘Through constantly travelling and being on-the-go; and by maintaining an inner openness to life. The basis of all creativity is having contact to other inspiring people,’ she says.

Paula Goldstein’s personal expression is defined by change. Her pulse is quick with excitement; no two days are the same. ‘Today I’m doing styling, tomorrow I’ll work on my website and the day after on my book, ‘Ultimate Scrapbook of America’, for which I am collaborating with Katy Perry and Paul Simon. I will be flying to San Francisco then on to Tokyo, back to London and from there to Argentina and Los Angeles. There’s no such thing as a typical day for me, things are always changing. My eyewear is making it possible to be open minded and to react quickly. It’s so light, underlines my personality and can be combined with crazy accessories at the same time.’

For Paula Goldstein, ‘being authentic in the modern world is the key to everything. We are faced with so many influences each day that it is essential to stay true to yourself.’

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