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  • Paula Goldstein
  • Wes Gordon
  • Virginia Simoni
  • Norbert Niederkofler
  • Miriam Jacks
  • Robert Böhme
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Silhouette Journal: Because You Are Unique

London, New York, Milan, Berlin: For our new journal, we took a city tour to meet inspiring characters who make their passion and visions a life project – always in the company of a Silhouette of course.

The first stop on our pulsating journey was London, where we met it-girl Paula Goldstein. The busy cosmopolitan inspired us in the first three minutes (page 10: ‘3 Minutes with Paula’) and confessed her love for the Titan Minimal Art PULSE as an aside – see photos starting on page 12. Always in tune with the times and absolutely authentic.

Driven by our curiosity, we headed for New York! Nearly eight hours of flight time later, we spoke with fashion designer Wes Gordon about our Special Edition Wes Gordon for Silhouette. Why is its beauty apparent only at second glance, and what does the fashion shooting star find so fascinating about sunglasses? Read all about it starting on page 18.

Back in Europe, we went among the gourmets (starting on page 30): In Milan, food blogger Virginia Simoni took us along to her favourite vegetable market and allowed us to sample Italy’s authentic cuisine. We say: ‘Buon appetito!’

And while we are talking about cooking: Norbert Niederkofler, one of the world’s top chefs, permitted us to take a peek at his life (starting on page 36), proving that only those who reach for the stars will be awarded stars.

Eat well, look good! On to Berlin. In the German capital we met beauty expert Miriam Jacks, who told us about her experiences with the first Silhouette glasses and topped it off with valuable make up tips for eyeglass wearers (starting on page 50).

Finally we took a trip to the moon…figuratively speaking: Still in Berlin, we spoke with company founder Robert Böhme (starting on page 42) about Google’s moon project and the possibility of actually taking a private trip to the moon.

Not a person, but glasses with personality: the Titan Minimal Art. This icon of frameless eyeglass design is the secret star of this journal thanks to its radiance. Modern design and unique lightness are combined into an innovative statement in the new Titan Minimal Art PULSE collection.

Always worth a look: Silhouette Journal #76

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