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3 Minutes with Christina Pisa

A question of style: Christina Murphy Pisa is doubtlessly among the most popular interior designers in the USA. Always elegant, always classic, always right on the mark – nobody finds the style of a home as adeptly as the successful interior designer. We visited the American at her home in New York and asked her for a brief social chat:

Right now, I’d most like to see…

The play Hamilton.

Whom or what I really don’t want to see right now…

My credit card bill after Christmas shopping!

I always have an eye on these websites/Instagram accounts, etc.:

La dolce vita




My eyewear means to me:

It reflects my mood. It’s another way to express how I’m feeling each day.

What do you most like to look at in the city where you live?

New hotels, new restaurant design, boutiques, old beautiful buildings like many of the 1920s ones I work in on Park Avenue.

My favourite eyewear trend:

Dark lens sunglasses with big clear frames

What makes your city/town/region so unique?

New York is very diverse; in its architecture, its cuisine, its people. Many international cities have some of these aspects but none as fully as New York.

My Silhouette is unique because…

… the shape fits my personal style.

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