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A Fresh Look

Guest edit by the Streetmuse

Paris is a magic place, filled with beauty and style. With its unique scenery it’s the perfect backdrop for any story that has to be told. I chose this city to fully express the identity of the newest Silhouette shades, this time created in collaboration with one of the youngest and promising US fashion designers: Wes Gordon.

The Special Edition ‘Wes Gordon for Silhouette’ conveys timeless sophistication with ease, making every pair of sunglasses a perfect accessory for both daily and special outfits. That’s what I wanted to highlight through the shooting featuring Sylvia Haghjoo, founder of the Hug-You blog. Her profile corresponds to Wes Gordon’s inspiration for designing these shades: A modern and cosmopolitan woman who communicates her style without pretence, being feminine and mysterious.

Set in Place de la Concorde, this shooting presents the classic green model from the Special Edition ‘Wes Gordon for Silhouette’, perfectly matching Sylvia’s outfit.

I asked her few questions about the Special Edition and her lifestyle:

1. How would you combine with these sunglasses style wise?

I think they go with an off-duty look, such as with an elegant styling. I would pair mine elegantly with a beautiful and timeless suit or dress. I would also love to see them with distressed jeans, shirt and sneakers. I think that these can go with all and everything.

2. A special / unique place in Paris?

Place Vendôme.

3. Which city do you call home?

Hamburg is my all time favourite city and home.

4. Favourite magazine?

I like a few and don’t have one specific magazine that I like the most.

5. What do you think makes you unique / special?

That’s hard to say about myself.

6. How many pairs of sunglasses do you have?

Oh, let me count. At least 10!

7. What’s your favourite eyewear shape?

I love round and square shaped glasses.

8. What do you love most about the Special Edition Wes Gordon for Silhouette?

I love the light weight of these sunglasses which makes them very pleasant to wear, especially during the hot summer season.

Discover more about the Special Edition ‘Wes Gordon for Silhouette’ on www.silhouette.com/wes-gordon or in selected stores internationally www.silhouette.com/ retailer_search

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