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Minimalist Monday

We are seeing black and white – and therefore the world’s most noble bird. The penguin has no need for strident paradise colours to get noticed. His simple and elegant plumage resembles a tailcoat. Not only does it look stylish, it also has a purpose. It makes the penguin virtually undetectable to foes in the water: Viewed from the depth of the ocean and from below, his white belly merges with bright daylight while his dark back is virtually indistinguishable from the dark water when seen from the air. World Penguin Day (April 25) honours this special bird. In singing the praises of the penguin’s chic dress code, we would like to finish with our TMA Pulse. These frameless glasses are as clean, noble and well camouflaged as the animal of the day – including the colour highlight on the chest…pardon, on the end of the earpiece.

Which animal do you consider clean and chic?

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