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Red Dot Award for Titan Minimal Art Pulse

Our frameless eyeglass designs have made millions of people beam since 1999 – and you know what: That is by far the best feeling you can give us! Reason enough for us to duly celebrate our success and surprise you with a ‘Celebration Model’. The Titan Minimal Art PULSE is born: 12 fresh colour highlights and 12 different lens shapes let you tailor a design to fit your face. Every one is unique – individually matched to your personality.

The eighth award for Iconic Eyewear by Silhouette

What else makes us especially happy with the ‘Celebration Model’: Because of its exceptional design quality, the Titan Minimal Art Pulse is to receive the ‘Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016’ in March of the same year. It is awarded by an expert panel in the Design Concept category.

This is the fourth time that Silhouette has been awarded the Red Dot Award, a highly respected seal of outstanding design quality. Overall it is the eighth award that the iconic Titan Minimal Art has received since its launch in 1999.

We are very happy and say thank you very much!

Look and see the award-winning collection TMA PULSE AT www.silhouette.com/tma-pulse

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