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  • Wake Alarm Clock (from Tiny Hearts Limited)
  • Paper: Notes, photo comments and sketches – from FiftyThree (from FiftyThree, Inc.)
  • Monument Valley (from ustwo)
  • Blek (from kunabi brother GmbH)
  • Yahoo Weather (from Yahoo)
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Minimalist Monday

A communication marvel: the smart phone. Just how much can this all-round talent do? Hours of telephone calls without running out of breath, or rather battery. Taking breathtaking pictures without professional camera equipment. Being in touch with the world without travelling all over the place. And what would a smart phone be without apps! Those little extra programs that can make mobile life so much richer and easier are the best companions for boring subway rides, saviours in bad weather and everyday organisers.

But how do you choose from the vast array of options? We browsed the app stores and chose a selection for you. And since today it is Minimalist Monday, we focused on easy apps with reduced functions, a minimalist look but masterful performance: Apps for aesthetes.

Appsolutely awesome

Wake Alarm Clock (from Tiny Hearts Limited)

This app is your must-have alarm clock for the smart phone. A great combination of simple beauty and design, it offers a choice of three different alarm types. The best thing about it: When the smart phone alarm went off in the morning, we found there was no need to search for the little snooze button. All you have to do is tap the screen. That activates the snooze function. Turning it off is even easier: Turn over the smart phone and the alarm turns off! So simple, so ingenious.

Price: Free


Paper: Notes, photo comments and sketches – from FiftyThree (from FiftyThree, Inc.)

Paper is the most stylish way to capture inspiring thoughts. But what if there is none to be found? Just download the Paper app. Notes, photo comments or sketches – this cool (and very attractive) app lets you collect, store and link all your ideas. The Paper app is like a bulletin board with post-it notes of things that inspire you. We like!

Price: Free


Monument Valley (from ustwo)

You like games? Monument Valley is a surreal journey of discovery through wondrous architecture and impossible geometry. Guide the mute princess Ida through mysterious monuments while discovering hidden paths and revealing optical illusions as you outsmart the enigmatic crow nation. This game won the Apple Design Award 2014 – and is very high up on our play list!

Price: EUR 3.99


Blek (from kunabi brother GmbH)

This game app is all about personality and imaginativeness. Whatever you draw on the screen with your fingers stays in motion. Blek encourages intuitive, playful access through openness and elegance. Nothing is prescribed here. There is a virtually endless number of solutions for every level.

Price: EUR 2.99


Yahoo Weather (from Yahoo)

The weather does not get any better: Yahoo’s weather app combines impressive photos with precise forecasts; we found it convincing all along the (minimalist) line!

Price: Free

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