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3 Minutes with Norbert Niederkofler

Taste of the mountains: Norbert Niederkofler is among the best chefs in the world, the winner of chef’s hats and stars. Yet the South Tirol native is seeking the future of cooking through a return to simplicity. Products from the region form the basis for the adventurous, down-home food artist. We met the star chef for a quick social snack in his home town of Luttach!

Without glasses I am…


What I like seeing best right now is…

…my son Thomas, because he takes pleasure in food.

Who or what I do not want to see at all is…


I always have my eye on these websites/Instagram accounts…

www.restaurantfranzen.com and https://twitter.com/virgiliocentral

For me, my glasses mean…

…access the world.

The way I like to see myself best is…

…with great composure.

Frameless or with frames?

After a long frameless period, I prefer glasses with frames right now.

What do you like seeing best in your town?

The goings-on of young people.

My favourite eyeglass trend?

I am far too curious to commit to a certain trend.

What makes your region unique?

The mix of Mediterranean and Austrian-Hungarian quality of life.

What makes you unique?

That I am always questioning myself.

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