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South Korea: Always on the Pulse of Time

Cool, cooler, South Korea: This East Asian country is enjoying publicity and increasingly gaining popularity around the world – especially in regards to fashion, beauty and design.

Why this focus on South Korea? There are many reasons: For one thing, the Fashion Week in Seoul is assuming a more and more important place on the international show agenda season after season. The trends and street styles are increasingly being appreciated, rather than laughed at as they were in the past. The days of eccentric outfits and shrill combinations are gone. Suddenly the whole world is talking about Seoul’s style. Rightly so, since the mix of minimalism and casual street wear is now precisely in step with the pulse of our time.

Beautiful Seoul: The beauty industry in particular is driving South Korea’s reputation as a hip hot spot. It is considered one of the most innovative and its cosmetic products are in demand around the world. The motto: Ingeniously cultivated! The typical South Korean woman places less emphasis on striking makeup than on an effective, intensive care program: A  full skincare program before going to bed (cleanser, toner, mask and so on) is part of the everyday routine. South Korean women are also very  open to try new ingredients, for example,slug slime. This secretion is currently topping the popularity scale since it is said to work as a rejuvenating cure. It contains beneficial nutrients and antioxidants said to protect against skin ageing.

South Korea is going fast forward in terms of design as well. Everyone knows that Koreans are able to build good, shapely cars, televisions and smart phones. But hardly anyone knows that product design is also among the country’s strengths. This is where tradition meets modernity. The special way Korean design harmoniously blends this mix is unique. Neither too affected nor too traditional. Simply in step with the pulse of time.

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