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Minimalist Monday

Simple ingredients, easy preparation, full flavour: That is multiple award-winning star chef Norbert Niederkofler’s recipe for success. In his restaurant, the South Tirol native in part falls back on centuries-old traditions with the objective of reviving authentic mountain cuisine. But no worries, there is no need for you to actually scale the nearest peak for a small taste of his skills. Just follow this recipe:

Ingredients for four servings:


Clean the crayfish, separating the heads and tails. Keep the heads for the bisque.

Simmer the tails for 3 to 4 minutes in lightly salted water and then allow to cool.

Crayfish Kohlrabi
20 crayfish Sugar syrup
1 sprig of thyme 400 g white wine vinegar
Thyme, garlic
Bisque 30 mini kohlrabi (cleaned and quartered)
1 leek
1 fennel Chive oil
2 tomatoes 300 g chives
3 shallots 500 g grape seed oil
30 g grape seed oil
Carcasses of 20 crayfish Sour cream
100 g butter 20 g sour cream
150 g ice Salt, pepper
Sugar syrup
1 l water
300 g sugar


Sear the carcasses well in grape seed oil and add the herbs.

Separately sear the vegetables, combine everything and roast together for 20 minutes. Add some ice and allow to cool. Whip the stock with butter before serving.

Sugar syrup

Heat the water and add the sugar.


Store the kohlrabi with all ingredients in a vacuum for about 1 hour.


Mix all ingredients for about 8 minutes (at high speed), strain and hang up in a piping bag overnight until the green oil separates from the solids. Carefully divide and use.

Sour cream

Mix all ingredients and season to taste.

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