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Peter Nottmeier: With Hat, Charm and Silhouette

Well known and loved for his humour and changeableness (outstanding in the German comedy series ‘Switch-Reloaded’), born and raised in Wanne-Eickel, passionate FC Schalke 04 fan and at home in Cologne since over 20 years – Peter Nottmeier is all that. And a few more things: His exciting day-to-day life as an actor not only leads him into the world of television but also puts him on the radio, the cinema screen (coming soon: the movie ‘Radio Heimat’) and into the theatre. Nottmeier underscores his uniqueness privately as well: With hat, charm, an affectionate smile and his rimless Silhouette that accompanies him everywhere.

Greatest passion:

Schalke 04

Favourite place and why:

Mount Teide volcano on Tenerife among others. I once spent an entire day there alone in glorious weather. Back then I was still smoking and lit up a cigar. Somehow I found it pleasantly absurd to smoke a cigar in the volcano…  I also like spending time at my dacha in the Eiffel. In general I enjoy being in the mountains or by the sea as well J

Near or far-sighted:

Physically near-sighted, mentally I hope far-sighted…

I have been wearing glasses since I…

…can remember. No wait – since I was 13 years old!

Why Silhouette:

Because the Silhouette frames really caught my eye some time ago. Both visually, with their discreet and original workmanship, and in terms of wearer comfort.

I like wearing frameless glasses because…

…they do not tie me down so much and my horizon is not narrowed…

I am inspired by:

Always the next role, and life.

What I like seeing best is…

… the sea! But also good documentaries and good Schalke 04 games.

In my city of Cologne, I see…

… the Cologne Cathedral from my quarter!

What I do not like to see:

Traffic wardens, bills and horror films. With all of those being similar…

The most bizarre thing I have every seen or experienced in the world of television, theatre and film:

There has been so much in the course of time. Once I was shooting with a tarantula in ‘Switch’. It was in a sort of plastic terrarium. After shooting, I wanted to cure my phobia of spiders and let someone put it on my shoulder. It was free for probably the first time in its life. In seconds it crawled across my back and up to my neck again. My plan only worked halfway: I saw that spider everywhere at home over the next few evenings…

For me, my glasses mean:

Having perspective.

Without glasses I am/would be

A contact lens wearer

What makes me special and unique:

My name on the door? I leave that for others to judge.

My personal style:

Discreetly offensive.

I have to be so changeable in my occupation. I manage that by…

…always being open to new things.

The projects I enjoyed most in my career so far:

Surely the Woody Allen pieces in the theatre. And certainly ‘Switch’ on television. Recently in the cinema, ‘Radio Heimat’ by Frank Goosen. But also an excursion into Formula I and a photo shoot with aerobatics.

What makes me laugh is…

…situation comedy, and therefore often life.

The most embarrassing situation I ever found myself in…

…oh my god – where should I begin? Oh yes, I once flew to the Dominican Republic with a friend. We were staying at a hotel where both Europeans and locals came to the club in the evening. At some point I went out onto the dance floor, merrily dancing to the charts, and failed to notice that all Europeans hastily left the floor at precisely this moment to make way for the locals. Absorbed in my dancing, it took me some time to realise that this appeared to be a ritual. They all knew each other, and especially their shared choreography… My pal almost died laughing and I attempted to somehow leave the dance floor discreetly with my head held high…

My joke of the day:

This is what maths has always been like for me.
Two goldfish are wandering through the desert.
One is red, the other one is thin.
How much does the palm tree weigh when it rains?

Thank you Peter Nottmeier for the refreshing interview.


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