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  • Silhouette Island on the Seychelles (Photo: hiltonseychelleslabriz.com)
  • Alagadi Turtle Beach on Cyprus (Photo: @mckgk)
  • Amanpulo on the Philippines (Photo: cntraveller.com)
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Minimalist Monday

Looking for the beach of your dreams? We have chosen not one but three extraordinary treasures for you that do justice to the concept of a holiday paradise. Take an exclusive break on a secret beach, go swimming with sea turtles or come along to Silhouette…

Silhouette Island on the Seychelles

A beach scene made for the movies: Silhouette Island (no, we did not make it up) is part of the Seychelles. The beaches of the republic’s third-largest island are among the nicest in the world. But Silhouette has more to offer: little tourism, unspoiled nature. The paradise in the Indian Ocean beckons with incredibly idyllic bathing and picturesque mountain hiking through the dream island’s tropical diversity. Holiday feeling!

Alagadi Turtle Beach on Cyprus

Alagadi Turtle Beach on Cyprus promises absolute seclusion. Sea turtles are the only creatures who may disturb your peace and quiet. For these rare animals, the quiet beaches of northern Cyprus are especially popular for breeding (Alagadi is among the seat turtles’ most important breeding grounds) since tourism does not appear to have arrived here yet. Long stretches of sand without a single footprint. The gentle Mediterranean that appears endless. Perhaps you may be able to see a sea turtle hatching…that sounds uniquely relaxing.

Amanpulo on the Philippines

Turquoise water, sand like powdered sugar: Amanpulo on the Philippines seems too beautiful to be real – but it really exists. Find inner peace at this magical place in the midst of south-east Asia. The breath-taking coral reefs are the private island’s absolute highlight. Largely untouched, the colourful underwater world is a nature conservation area – a unique paradise for divers.


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