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Fly Me To The Moon

Robert Böhme and the Part Time Scientists (PT Scientists) want to fly to the moon. Thanks to 750,000 dollars in prize money from Google, their chances are pretty good.

The association of scientists has set the goal of winning the LunarXPrize offered by Google. 30 million dollars were promised by Google to whomever manages to bring a vehicle to the moon, have it cover at least 500 metres there and transmit images back to earth. An initial disbursement was made to the Part Time Scientists for completing simulation tests with the PT moon vehicle Asimov. The dream of flying to the moon is within their grasp!

Payload by Part Time Scientists

When the time comes, Robert Böhme and his PT Scientists offer to take objects of personal, commercial or technical value along on the trip to the moon. Payload is what they call this campaign – in exchange for payment of course. (Further information: http://ptscientists.com/)

These three items are Robert Böhme’s favourites:

Plant biotope

The moon only has one-sixth of earth’s gravity. A miniature glass greenhouse is intended to show how plants can grow under those conditions.

World knowledge on M-disc

A digital archive of humanity is to be stored on the moon on three millennium disks. The information on these M-discs is safe for at least 1000 years.

Silhouette Titan Minimal Art

Glasses for eternity: the TMA would be an object of great symbolic value since it has already been to space with US astronaut Scott Kelly. A journey to the moon would be a great new adventure for the Titan Minimal Art.

You will find everything about the ‘PT Scientists’ project and other objects that have already made it on board in our current Silhouette Journal.

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