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  • Norbert Niederkofler
  • Shop of the Augustiner Chorherrenstift Neustift
  • DEGUST cheese paradise
  • Restaurant St. Hubertus
  • Messner Mountain Museum Corones
  • Tauferer Ahrntal
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Minimalist Monday

Taste of the mountains: for star chef Norbert Niederkofler, products from the region form the basis of every delicious dish. For instance, the cheese he serves in his own restaurant St. Hubertus ripens in nearby Mühlbach, South Tyrol. Clearly Norbert himself has special ties with his homeland. He told us about five places where the native quality of life is particularly enjoyable for him.

5 Tips for South Tyrol

1. Shop of the Augustiner Chorherrenstift Neustift (kloster-neustift.it)

The monastery’s main claim to fame is its excellent selection of wines. Norbert Niederkofler highly recommends the Praepositus Gewürztraminer. This grape variety is widespread in South Tyrol, where it finds the conditions ideal.

2. DEGUST cheese paradise

A paradise for true cheese lovers: since 1994, South Tyrol star chef Hansi Baumgartner and his wife Edith have been refining the milk products of small local cheese dairies.

3. Restaurant St. Hubertus

A special treat: in his Michelin restaurant, Norbert Niederkofler celebrates authentic mountain cuisine of star-level quality.

4. Messner Mountain Museum Corones

The Messner Mountain Museum initiated by Reinhold Messner is truly a feast for the eyes – no wonder, given the architect: none other than Zaha Hadid designed the spectacular MMM Corones on the 2,275 metre peak of the Kronplatz.

5. Tauferer Ahrntal

The Tauferer Ahrntal is a place for Norbert Niederkofler to rest and recuperate. Its beauty and tranquillity are truly delightful for the busy star chef.


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