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Can a song make us laugh?
Can a song trigger feelings of happiness?
Can a song make us sad?
Can a song drive us to despair?
Experts say ‘yes’. Music can influence and tease out our emotions like nothing else. Often we recall the greatest moments in our lives in conjunction with a good sound: goosebump moments at the push of a button. All of this is related to the way our brain processes sound. The musical experience is linked to expectations that are individually programmed in everyone by experiences.

 Feelings for the ears and soul: an experiment

Let us start with a bit of a test: you remember for instance the song ‘The final Countdown’ by Europe. Whether or not you are a fan of the music, all you have to do is read or hear this one line and the tune to the song pops into your head – right?
Few things in this world make such an impression on us. Music makes it possible.

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