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5 Questions to Christina Pisa

Christina Murphy Pisa is one of the most sought-after interior designers in the USA. We visited her at her home in New York and wanted to know something about her big design passion.

1. A hallmark of your interior design is the tasteful combination of colours. Do you have something like a personal colour code?

I don’t have a colour code but I gravitate toward clear colors. I don’t generally work with earth tones or muddy colors.

2. Do you think, that a personal colour code is important for expressing personality/individuality?

I think style is more important than a specific color code. I love to work in a neutral palette as much as a bright colorful one.

3. Should somebody’s eyewear be part of her personal colour code? Should it follow this code or should it stay neutral. Or both?

I love options. Ideally I would love a neutral pair as well as something more expressive!

4. Do do you choose your accessories according to your code?

I choose them more according to my mood. I have big fun accessories for more playful moods.

5. And how about your eyewear? What else beside the code is important when selecting your spectacles?

I think glasses are a signal to the world of how they should initially perceive you. They can range from serious to very playful. I also am affected by how the glasses feel. When I wear Silhouettes I don’t feel I’m wearing glasses at all which is wonderful. I can just focus on my work without distraction.

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