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Special Edition ‘Arthur Arbesser for Silhouette’

Arthur Arbesser is one of Milan’s most promising young fashion designers. In creating his first sunglasses collection together with Silhouette, he was inspired by the lifestyle of Arthur Miller during the time he was with Marilyn Monroe. The ‘Arthur Arbesser for Silhouette’ sunglasses collection brings exciting contrasts in colour and shape into play. He stylishly blends round and angular design elements with warm and cool colours.

‘As an Austrian abroad, I am particularly proud to be working with such a renowned Austrian company,’ declared the designer. After graduating from Central St. Martins in London and following 7 years with Armani, Arbesser founded his own label. Aside from his passion for exploring contrasts, both his label and Silhouette place great emphasis on reducing a design to its essential elements, tailored quality and a strong sense of style – ‘my designs focus on the exceptional, while being timeless,’ said Arbesser.

The four strong colour combinations of the sunglasses – Glossy Caramel, Glossy Purple, Dark Green Gradient and Classic Grey Gradient – are the result of a special manufacturing process. Two lenses of differing colours are inserted into one another and seamlessly connected. ‘Rimless sunglasses with two lens colours combined in one lens are certainly something original’ says Arbesser proudly. This special technology also allows the sunglasses to be made available on prescription if desired. The outer part remains unchanged, the inner part has coloured prescription lenses.

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